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In de Leonardus

Case Study

For “In the Leonardus” we made easy to read slides for the digital signage screen at the door with all the important information for all clients.

slides with detailed information
All the required information about specialists
General practitioners in the Leonardus

Centrum Huisartsen In de Leonardus is a practice in which an integrated approach between regular general practitioners on the one hand and anthroposophical medicine on the other hand applies. They offer mental health care, cardiovascular risk management and elderly care.

You can also contact us for: support with asthma/COPD and diabetes melitus, small surgery, blood collection for the Jeroen Bosch hospital.

In addition, the practice is affiliated with the University of Maastricht and Utrecht as a training practice for the Faculty of Medicine (“Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences”). In addition to doctors who are trained as general practitioners, there are also interns who are trained as doctors.

The practice recently had an information screen placed at the entrance and asked if Levuno could design the slides.

It was important for the practice that they themselves, and the available specialists, had a clear picture of the opening hours, telephone numbers, website and e-mail.

We immediately responded to this and transformed all requirements into 5 tight slides that together have a short rotation time on the information screen.

Our approach

Our approach to this project was similar to when we design a new logo.

1. Determine creative direction

By means of a conversation and mock-ups we determined the creative direction of the design of the slides.

2. Designing the unique slide layouts

We design each unique slide and have some revision rounds in which feedback can be given.

3. Finalising designs

After the approval we can finalize all slides with the same layouts.

4. Uploading the slides live to the narrowcasting platform

By working together with the narrowcasting party, we were able to relieve the general practitioners’ centre of all its worries. The broadcasting went without any problems because a clear process was mapped out beforehand.

Result Summary

  • 5 high quality slides
  • 9 specialists
  • 2 general practitioners practices
  • 5 high quality slides
  • 9 specialists
  • 2 general practitioners practices

In addition to designing the slides, we also carry out the maintenance of the website for the Leonardus. In addition, we are the primary contact for all questions related to media and web


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