Rutten Elektrotechniek

Case Study

This is how we have optimized the website of Henk Rutten Elektrotechniek and with that have created a solid base for Henk’s future plans!


Rutten Elektrotechniek is a young company from Dongen by Henk Rutten. Henk supports electrical and industrial companies in the field of electrical engineering and industrial automation. He does this both internally and externally. He has now been working in the profession as a motivated mechanic/engineer for more than 10 years. Whether it concerns small repositories, support or projects.

As a true professional, you can expect Henk, together with his customers, to ensure that projects are realised down to the last detail so that his customers can be proud of the results within the company.

Unfortunately, the website failed on a number of points. Especially the loading speed was a thorn in Henk’s side.

Henk came to Levuno to get his website in order. Together with Henk we started an optimisation process to make his website technically top-notch again.

During the optimisation process, we first made an extensive analysis of the points for improvement of Henk’s website. We knew that the website was slow, but we didn’t know why. The analysis made this clear:

  • Website and many plugins out of date
  • Images that are too large
  • Too much styling code
  • Too many loaded scripts

We then drew up a plan of action and implemented it.

Improvement Deevlopment Enhance Refine Growth Motivation Concept
Our approach

To make Henk’s website easy to find again, we have defined the following elements together with Henk!

1. Update and Upgrade

The CMS of was seriously out-of-date and needed updates.

2. Clearing and tidying up

The website used a lot of out of date plugins, these could cause vulnerabilities.

3. Optimize scripts and styles loaded a lot of script and style documents (over 40!!). This had to be improved!

4. Improve page loading time

A website is only as fast as its backend and the server that serves it. It is crucial that the page loading time is improved as much as possible, in collaboration with Henk we have decided to do this with a page cache.

Result Summary

  • ~78% improvement in loading times, from total 4.1s to total 0.9s
  • Google Pagespeed Score from 28% to 99%
  • YSlow score from 56% to 97%
  • CMS updated to the most recent version
  • 12 plugins removed and functionality replaced by 1 single plugin
  • New page editor that produces clean HTML and CSS.

Henk has many more plans for his website in the future! But now his current website is as solid as a rock and ready for the future!

Will you, like Henk, take a more critical look at your website?

Contact us, and we can work with you to find a suitable solution!