Logo design and corporate identity.

Make an indelible impression? We will help you with a banging logo and unforgettable corporate identity!

Logo and corporate identity design

When developing a corporate identity and logo, it is important that it is original and recognizable, but also that the style fits the organisation!

Your company will be recognizable by the use of the colors, shapes and letters in the corporate identity. You can use this style everywhere, in your means of communication such as stationery, business cards or e-mails, but also in the lettering of your building, cars, website and other promotional material.

Levuno also offers a starter total package, with which you are immediately provided with a house style, logo and website!

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Your organisation, our business

Together we can achieve the best result! We are experts in our field, and you know your business best!

Our experienced designers will talk to you in order to achieve the best result!

What is included in a corporate identity design?

A fair price always

We believe in a personal touch, which is why we only make a quotation after a first meeting! During this meeting we can map out your wishes and make a good estimate of the work required.

You never have to worry about extra costs! You always pay the agreed price!

Others have already preceded you

Chris Spork
Chris Spork
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Very satisfied with the service and results that have been achieved after clear communication! Dennis communicates in a personal and less formal way, but this does not detract from the excellent quality of his work!
Henk Rutten
Henk Rutten
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Craftsmanship is mastery. First Dennis analyzed what my wishes were and before I knew it, the site was already online!
Peter Hage
Peter Hage
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Dennis' expertise in IT is great, and it is impressive that he is also able to explain this to his peers in understandable language. I see Dennis as an addition to our team, a person to whom I can put in a challenging technical assignment without hesitation.
Jeremy Husmann
Jeremy Husmann
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Dennis is an enthusiastic and highly skilled IT professional with a hands-on approach. When it comes to technical support for the various departments, Dennis is a valuable asset.

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